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Spill Response Training

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At WRI, we believe that the best accident is the one that never happens. Therefore, we focus on prevention through site specific risk management that factors in the work environment, personnel, equipment, weather, and potential hazards. We understand that when your team responds to a spill they should have the best tools possible to ensure a safe and efficient workplace. From railroads to pipelines, WRI can teach your company up-to-date safety and boom deployment techniques to ensure that you are compliant to the EPA Spill Prevention, Containment, and Countermeasure (SPCC) rule.

WRI has provided safety training courses for numerous spill response teams throughout the Northwest.  We can tailor a training to your organization’s needs by designing an incident or facility specific emergency response plan. In addition, participants will leave our classes with a strong understanding of hazards in the river environment and practical skills that keep them safe while on the job.

With our fleet of 15 boats, ranging from 28’ Aluminum jet boats to 13’ inflatables, we can demonstrate the proper techniques for boom placement in any fast moving water scenario. We will use hands-on scenarios to explain onshore anchors, mid-stream attachment points, and various potential boom formations.

If your company would like to learn more about operating jet boats in a spill response or water rescue situation, we also provide Jet Boat Operations Courses.

Spill Response Team

If an actual spill occurs, we have a Water Safety Spill Response Team ready to deploy with access to various motorized and non-motorized water craft and the gear to ensure that your response is completed safely and quickly. We can also provide your Incident with Safety Officers and Water Rescue Technicians.

Each of our boats is operated by a USCG operator and staffed by a Water Rescue Technician. All Water Rescue Technicians are EMTs and have extensive training in river safety and emergency response.

For shore based work on slippery, steep or unstable river banks, WRI can provide down stream safety. Our team is highly trained and experienced with moving water rescues. In addition to providing downstream safety, WRI can provide water safety equipment (Personal Floatation Devices, helmets, etc.) to meet OSHA standards for employee safety.

Whether your operation is looking for training or a safety consultant, the Whitewater Rescue Institute can help. With extensive experience in swiftwater rescue, we can provide your organization with the tools to effectively perform a boom deployment and river clean up. Call for a consultation.

Please feel free to read through our Statement of Qualifications to find out more about our past experience.

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