This course meets, and exceeds, the NFPA standards for Ice Rescue.  Because WRI is based in the Inland Northwest, ice rescue is often dramatically different here than other places.  Namely, we deal with moving water and ice.  We focus on rescuer safety and tactics in dealing with this extremely complex and dangerous environment.  We examine video footage of past rescues to give students an opportunity to learn from real life scenarios.  The majority of the class is spent on the ice and focuses on giving students a chance to actively participate in real time rescue scenarios. The students will become familiar with the appropriate personal gear, as well as the technical rescue equipment and ropes systems used in ice rescue situations.

  • Course Date:01/28/2023 - 01/29/2023
  • Certification Received:
    • WRI: Ice Rescue Technician - 3 years
  • Cost:$ 305
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