Inland Oil Spill Response: DeCon Published: December 11, 2019

Fastwater Spill Response Inland Oil Spill Response Notes Personnel Decontamination Inland Oil Spill Response responders must be proactive and assertive about decon. This is one area of response that is often overlooked or incomplete in the early phases of a spill. Establish work zones and clearly communicate them to all responders. Create a site map, with enough detail included to adequately...

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Fastwater Boom Deployment Tips Published: November 15, 2018

Preplanning and training are critical steps towards any successful fast water boom deployment.  Learning how to read water will help evaluate conditions and determine what boom strategies are possible. Putting out boom in rivers is difficult at best. Boom is heavy and moving water is deceptively powerful, especially when exerting its force on a section of boom placed in the current. Here are a fe...

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Inland Oil Spill Response Challenges Published: February 9, 2018

Inland Spill Response Inland oil spill response often involves moving water and presents a unique set of challenges for responders. WRI offers state of the art and innovative inland oil spill response training in our Swiftwater Spill Response Technician courses. Responder safety and managing risk during fastwater spill response are our top priority at WRI.  Safety officers must be well versed in...

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“Whether you are a river-rookie or an experienced boater, WRI tailors their classes to what you need to learn in a fun and challenging environment. Their scenario based teaching approach creates an electric learning atmosphere where you feel like you are in actual river rescue situations. I would recommend them to anybody!”

Eric Giddens, Owner Kern River Brewing Company/1996 Olympic Kayak Team Member
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