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  • The class is primarily taught on the river. To do this, a modest current (class II-III) is needed. Also, many of the scenarios require river features such as islands, rocks, strainers, waves, holes, etc. Is there an access point with these features?
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  • Typical courses go from 9 am - 6pm
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    Thank you for your interest in hosting a WRI Swiftwater Rescue course. We look forward to providing you and your agency with high quality river rescue instruction. To better serve you and to assure that we provide you with the highest quality course possible, WRI would like to confirm the course through our Course Hosting Agreement.
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    For agency billing, the total tuition is due 30 days after course completion.
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    Except for the Whitewater Rescue Institute’s (WRI) grossly negligent or intentionally wrong acts, the Hosting Agency agrees to indemnify and protect WRI from any and all claims and liabilities, from participants or from any and all claims arising in whole or in part from participants’ conduct, whether personal injury, property loss, contract or under any other legal theory, however, such a claim or liability may arise. Indemnity includes payment or reimbursement of costs, including attorney’s fees, and payment of all damages. The substantive laws of the State of Montana shall govern any dispute between WRI and the Hosting Agency, and any mediation or suit shall occur or be filed only in the State of Montana. Please review the above information. If the above information matches your expectations, please e-sign below.
  • By e-signing, you as an authorized representation of your organization do hereby acknowledge and commit to hosting and reimbursing WRI for the course(s) as detailed above through my signature at the bottom of this form.
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“Whether you are a river-rookie or an experienced boater, WRI tailors their classes to what you need to learn in a fun and challenging environment. Their scenario based teaching approach creates an electric learning atmosphere where you feel like you are in actual river rescue situations. I would recommend them to anybody!”

Eric Giddens, Owner Kern River Brewing Company/1996 Olympic Kayak Team Member
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