WRI Rope Rescue prepares first responders for work in both high and low angle technical rescue.  Instructors walk participants through the many variations and systems available for rescue work.  Our goal with the course is to not only give students hard skills that will help them stay safe and rescue others, but also to ensure that participants understand why systems work and are safe.  That way, going forward, students will be able to assess all systems and know if they are safe or not.  We offer various levels of training from Fundamentals of Rope Rescue to Rope Rescue Technician, which conforms to the NFPA standards.

Rope Rescue Courses Available:

Recreational Rope Rescue
24 hours $ 435.00 Calendar & Registration
Rope Rescue Operations
32 hours $ 535.00 Calendar & Registration
Rope Rescue Technician
40 hours $ 985.00 Calendar & Registration
Low Angle Rope Rescue Operations
24 Hours $ 435.00 Calendar & Registration
Technical Site Access
40 hours $ 985.00 Calendar & Registration