Inland Spill response and Fastwater Oil Spill Response Training. Located near Missoula, Montana on the Clark Fork River, WRI Training Center provides the ideal location for comprehensive fastwater spill response training. We have also conducted inland oil spill response trainings throughout the U.S.: from the Mississippi to the Columbia, we have the experience to train your team.  We offer a range of classes that emphasize responder safety and  risk management,  while providing hands-on training with skills needed to quickly deploy boom in fast water.   Participants learn to recognize and avoid fastwater hazards, equipment, booming strategies, recovery systems, rigging onshore anchors, establishing mid-stream attachment points, creating deflection boom, containment boom, cascading chevrons, line crossings, boom vanes, jet boat operations and much more.

Swiftwater Spill Response courses now available:

Swiftwater Spill Response Technician
32 hours $ 1695.00 Calendar & Registration
Swiftwater Spill Response Advanced
20 hrs $ 1295 Calendar & Registration
Swiftwater Spill Response Operations
16 hours $ 950.00 Calendar & Registration
Swiftwater Spill Response Awareness
8 hours $ 625.00 Calendar & Registration
Swiftwater Spill Response: Oil Under Ice
16 hours $ 750.00 Calendar & Registration
Elastec Workshop
24 hours $ 1250.00 Calendar & Registration