Located near Missoula, Montana on the Clark Fork River, WRI Training Center provides the ideal location for this Wilderness rescue course.

This is our first course to offer not one but multiple certifications. Over 9 days, in an austere environment, students will engage in Rescue, Medical, and Navigation training. Our goal with this course is to prepare students to become qualified for rescue organizations that operate in challenging, non-typical environments, including; Search and Rescue, Disaster Response Teams, Wilderness Fire Firefighters, Fire Departments, and Military Personnel.

Students will receive a Swiftwater Rescue Technician Certification, Rope Rescue Operator Certification, and Wilderness First Aid Responder Certification upon passing this course.  This course will challenge students physically and mentally, provide opportunities to sharpen leadership skills, and have fun in the wilderness.

Please contact WRI for more information.

The curriculum will be custom fitted for group bookings at no additional charge.

Wilderness Rescue Courses Available:

Wilderness Rescue Technician
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